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Softline 76

Product features Softline 76

A 5-chamber system with an installation depth (frame width) of 76 mm that provides thermal protection at a very high level of 0.82 W/m²K.

The thickness of the outer walls of the profile thickness of 3 mm, meets the requirements of PN-EN 12608 standard for the highest quality profiles.

Softline 76 MD profiles have an external gasket system and an additional center gasket to increase protection against noise and cold penetration.

Smooth, easy-care and low-maintenance profile surfaces made of high-quality PVC.

Where Softline 76 windows are most commonly installed.

In multi-family buildings on floors above the fourth floor. The technical parameters of the Softline 76 system guarantee high resistance to adverse weather conditions including strong wind pressure.

In single-family homes, where the color of the windows creates a coherent whole with the image of the entire house.

In all buildings with high thermal insulation parameters. Windows in the Softline 76 system with glazing used with a coefficient of Ug = 0.5 guarantee very high thermal insulation protection.

Dodatkowe wyposażenie na które decydowali się klienci kupując okna w systemie Softline 76:

The dual-function element is a handle rotation lock with a sash lifter. This mechanism prevents the sash from tilting when the window is open. Thanks to it, there will be no “unhooking” of the sash from the upper hinge. The elevator slightly lifts the sash and ensures its smooth transition from open to closed position. This feature is especially recommended for large windows.

The multifunctional element combines the function of the handle rotation lock and lift with the balcony latch. When going out to the balcony, you close the door by pulling the special handle. The latch holds the sash in the frame. The door will reopen with light pressure from the outside.

VENTAIR pressure diffusers are equipped with a self-acting flow regulator (responding to the pressure difference), thanks to which the amount of supplied air is constant, independent of atmospheric conditions (wind, cold). In addition, they allow manual adjustment up to and including closure.