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Softline 82

Softline 82 product features

A system with an installation depth of 82 mm, 7-chamber frame geometry and 6-chamber sash geometry.

The thickness of the external walls of the profile ≥ 2.8 mm, that is, parameters that meet the highest RAL standards – “Class A”.

Triple gasket system with a center gasket for excellent tightness and acoustic insulation.

Smooth, easy-care and maintenance-free profile surfaces made of high-quality PVC.

Where Softline 82 windows are most often installed.

In all buildings with high thermal insulation parameters. Windows in the Softline 82 system with glazing with a coefficient of Ug=0.7 guarantee high thermal insulation protection.

Additional equipment that customers decided on when buying windows in the Softline 82 system:

The dual-function element is a handle rotation lock with a sash lifter.This mechanism prevents the sash from being tilted when the window is open.Thanks to it, there will be no “unhooking” of the sash from the upper hinge.The lifter slightly lifts the sash and ensures its smooth transition from open to closed position. This feature is especially recommended for large windows.

Graduated tilt is the responsibility of the MSL mechanism.Instead of one position, we get 5 positions of the tilted sash, turning the handle to the next “step”.The tilted sash is also protected against slamming.Thanks to MSL we regulate the intensity of ventilation according to the needs and avoid unnecessary heat loss.

The multifunctional element combines the function of locking the rotation of the handle and elevator with the balcony latch.Going out to the balcony, you close the door by pulling a special handle.The latch holds the sash in the frame.The door will open again with light pressure from the outside.

ProfileClass A, frame 101.200, sash 103.341
glazing4-12-4-12-4 U=0.7
fittingsWinkhaus ActivPilot perimeter sash
sealing EPDM
ReinforcementGalvanized steel. Frame closed profile
Warranty5 years
Uw coefficientALU glass frame 0,97/0,84
Ug coefficientTermo glass frame 0,92/0,79