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VENTAIR II TRDn and VENTAIR II differential pressure-controlled ventilators are used to supply a constant, proper amount of fresh air to rooms. Automatic pressure control stabilizes the efficiency of the supply, protects against excessive air exchange during cold and windy periods, allows the implementation of the concept of controlled ventilation providing comfort and healthy indoor climate while saving thermal energy. They are used in rooms equipped with gravitational or mechanical exhaust ventilation.

Additional equipment:

string extender for manual operation (left-hand version – L and right-hand version – P)

Nominal flow rate24m3/h/Δp10Pa
Closed diffuser (infiltration 5m3/h)Dnew = 40 dB
Open diffuserDnew = 34 dB
Resistance to rainwater infiltration300Pa
External dimensionsVent 346×24
Material – BodyExtruded aluminium profiles
Material – TerminationsABS
Material – Drive componentsPolyformaldehyde
Polyester facade powder coat80µm
UV resistant anodized coating25 µm
Color – StandardRAL 9016 white / RAL 8017 brown
Color – OrdersFull RAL palette . Anodized coating (olive C33)
Color – ABS terminationswhite to RAL 9016 / black to and other colors